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The Beginning by Debbie Lowery

Investigating Reports

Jennifer Bertoni 11/27/2004

John Koenig 11/27/2004

Wilsons 11/27/2004

Debbie Lowery 3/12/2004

Pam Barnett 3/12/2004

Shanna Hull 3/12/2004

Cindy Willoughby 3/12/2004

Lou Kutzler  3/14/2005


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EVP's Caught on Tape


11/27/04 The Fischer Theatre was originally called the Danville Opera House.  Property owned by a former residence and prominent physician Dr. W. W. R. Woodbury was purchased from a R. W. Gillette and in 1884 the Danville Opera House, a building 65 feet wide and 127 feet long was built.  The theatre was described as being “both spacious and elegant”.  Its stage presented itself with heavy draperies of blue and gold and every seat in the house had a perfect view. 

The Opera House was sold to George W. Chatterton, Sr. of Springfield, IL in 1907 who in turn sold his interest to Louis F. Fischer in 1912.  At this time major remodeling and structural renovation was done.  In 1913 the newly remodeled Fischer Theatre opened its doors. 

In 1929 the Fischer Theatre and the Palace Theatre which stood right next door were sold to the Publix Great State Theatres.  More remodeling was done including building the largest Marquis in town and adding state – of – the - art motion picture equipment.  Air conditioning was installed in 1938.  During the WWII period auctions were held on stage to raise money to buy war bonds and many patriotic movies were shown.  The last refurbishing was done by the H. R. Teichert Company of Chicago in 1968.  The interior was painted with a subtle gold design. 

In 1971 The Kerasotes Theatres of Springfield, IL acquired both the Fischer and Palace Theatres only to close them in 1982.  The city of Danville then purchased the Fischer Theatre in 1983 and formed the Vermilion Heritage Foundation to restore the theatre.  Five Danville stars, Donald O’Connor, Bobby Short, Dick Van Dyke, Jerry Van Dyke, and Gene Hackman came to Danville to do the benefit.  Due to unforeseen circumstances little was done to the theatre and the money raised was shifted to other charities. 

In 1997 it was announced the theatre was unstable and should be destroyed.  After pleading with the City of Danville the Old Town Preservation Association was given the building.  This group achieved the worked needed to make the building structurally sound. 

In 1998 The Old Town Preservation Organization sold the building to the Vermilion Heritage Foundation.  In doing this the funds raised by the stars benefit was used to start the renovation of the lobby area. 

During its beginning years the Fischer Theatre was not only a theatre.  The building housed offices and residences on its 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors.  In 1915 Boston Academy of Masic and Knecht Apts were on the 3rd and 4th floors.  The Vermilion Street shops were:  Opera House Cloak and Suit Store, Glasgo Tailors, Adolph Afiere – Convectioners, and Miss Myra Wilson (Wilson Co.) Milliners. 

In 1931 the 3rd and 4th floors were the Portia Club Furnished Rooms for Women.  The 2nd and 3rd floors were occupied by the blue print company, May Belle Cook Beauty Shop, Fidelity Insurance, and Publix Theatres.  Doctors, dentists, insurance companies and an U.S.A. Recruiting Service occupied the upper floors until 1961.  The Vermilion Street shops have been occupied by candy shops, jewelers, barbers & optometrists, etc.  If you would like further information please refer to www.fischertheater.com

Knowing all this history of this magnificent place there is little wonder that a few souls have decided to call this place home.  Some of the people who have had the opportunity to spend sometime in this building have reported strange feelings of being watched and hearing sounds of unknown origin.  The Springfield Ghost Society had the opportunity to do an investigation of the grand building.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul for his help in arranging this and the Vermilion Historical Foundation for allowing us to do so.  This foundation is welcoming donations to restore this theatre and if you would like to help please go to www.fischertheater.com for information. 

We arrived at the Fischer Theatre around 8:45pm and met with Paul Strain, Jim Beebe, and David Schroeder.  After carrying in our equipment and quick introductions we began our 2 hours tour of the building.  Our tour guide was Jim Beebe who was so knowledgeable of the history of the building that much was learned in those 2 hours.  In so many areas it was like traveling back in time. 

After the tour we all decided where we wanted to set up our equipment and busily began doing so.  A couple of investigators wanted to spend some time on the cat walk above the stage.  Others set their equipment up on the stage.  Some headed for the upper floors. 

11:45pm – I began my investigation.  I took pictures with the 35mm camera in the auditorium and in the lobby. 

12:15am – I set my video camera up in the auditorium just inside the doors facing the stage.  Since all the lights were out I used the super-night shot mode.  I also set my tape recorder up in the lobby.

12:30am – Kenny and I walked through the upper floors taking digital pictures.  I had my EMF meter with me but it didn’t detect anything. 

I did feel like someone was watching us in the projection booth and also when I stood in the upper mezzanine.  I also took several pictures in the lobby towards the counter.  Although I didn’t actually see any reason for this I just felt like I might catch something there.

1:30am – Investigation is over.

 After reviewing my data I didn’t get anything remarkable on my video or audio tapes.  I did get a few pictures with orbs.

 We do plan on going back to the Fischer.  Now that we have been there once we will be better prepared to meet the Other Side next time. 

Debbie Lowery
Springfield Ghost Society



Investigation Report

By  Jennifer Bertoni

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Date: 11-27-04
Equipment:  Digital Camera: 

While investigating the upper floor (floor beneath the projection room) I did see a dark colored shadow standing at the top of the stairs and it moved very quickly when the flashlight was shined upward at it. Pictures were taken but the shadow had since left. There was also at the same time a movement to the left (towards the balcony) but I was unable to see what it was. 

Jennifer Bertoni, SGS



Investigation Report

By  John Koenig

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Date: 11-27-04
Equipment:  35mm Camera

After a walk through, I took 35mm pictures in the lobby and then in the theater and backstage upper levels. Around 11:55pm I set up two tape recorders on the stage and I also set up a video camera.  We turned the lights off for one hour. During this time I went up stairs with Jenny and Cheryl.  While on the stairs going to the third floor Jenny could see a dark figure at the top of stairs.  After we got up to top she saw a second figure. I took several pictures but after we looked around Jenny was feeling very uneasy so we went back down to the lobby.  

Shortly after we ended the investigation.   

My findings: nothing on tape recorders; 35mm pictures, a couple do look like they have orbs; video shows some orbs or dust and I also got white glow over by the other doors leading in to the theater. 

John Koenig SGS Member



Investigation Report

By  The Wilsons

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Date: 11-27-04
Equipment:  35mm Camera, Digital Camera,
Tape recorder with external mic

9:30pm  Arrived at theatre and met with Board members

9:45pm  Started tour of building- used recorder for reference to rooms and dates.

11:30pm  Tour ended

11:45pm  Started investigation

11:55pm  Placed camcorder in production booth

12am       Found another room off of production room bathroom- Jim went in and I was holding the door, I felt like someone was behind me watching us.

12:06am   We were sitting on the floor against the wall on balcony under production booth and heard something crash nobody else was in the area

12:08am  We are still on the balcony under booth and heard what sounded like something heavy being dragged across the production booth floor.

12:10am  Set up tape recorder on voice activation in production booth

12:30am  Checked on camcorder and tape recoder in booth

1:00am    Went to get camcorder and tape recoder and charged batteries

1:15am    Moved camcorder and tape recorder to second floor sleeping rooms

1:20am    Wandered around taking pictures and sitting in dark listening

1:50am    Went and got camcorder and tape recorder

2:00am     Investigation ended  

Upon review of my evidence I have 3 possible evps and some pictures with orbs in them.I caught nothing on video.


Investigation Report

By  Debbie Lowery

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Date: 3-12-04
Equipment:  EMF MEter, Digital Camera
Tape recorder with external mic

This is a follow-up investigation to the one we did in November of 2004. 

Arrived at 9:30pm at the Fischer Theatre. 

SGS Members Present:  Debbie and Ken Lowery, Heather and Jim Wilson, Cheryl Berkler, Benni Hardin, Pam Barnett, Andrea Etter, Shanna Hull, Amanda Ratz, Roberta VanHuss, Cindy Willoughby, Gayle Hanson, Barb LeVeque, Lou Kutzler, Adrienne Kutzler, Aaron Smith. 

No one associated with the Danville Fischer Theatre was present for our investigation.  

Jim Beebe was kind enough to be present to allow us entry into the theatre and then left. 

10:10pm – Cheryl, Kenny, Jim & Heather acted as tour guides to the other members since they had been here before.  Everyone met back in the lobby at 11:15pm. 

11:30pm – Everyone went to their designated areas with plans to meet back in the lobby at 1:00am.  At this time we will be exchanging areas. 

1:00am – By this time some of the members had completed their walk around and were preparing to sleep. 

I took some pictures in the lobby and auditorium area.  My EMF meter went off in the auditorium in the area where the chairs are split on the right side as you look towards the stage.  There is an electrical source that runs down under the walkway by this area but this is not where the meter was sounding.  Pictures showed orbs in this area. 

12:00am – I set up my first video camera upstairs on the 3rd floor towards the front of the building.  This is where you have to go through the hole in the wall to get there.  I ran coax down to my TV/VCR and taped for 6 hours. 

3:00am - I set up my video recorder on the stage facing out toward the chairs. 

6:00am – Everyone was waking up and gathering their equipment.  Investigation ended. 

Upon examination of the video tape taken on the stage it is noted that it seemed to be taping but didn’t. 

A few orbs were noted on my pictures in the auditorium where my EMF meter was sounding off. 

After listening to my audio tape I received 1 EVP.    It was captured when some of the group left to set their video upstairs.  On my audio tape you can hear a “Hello”.  I was standing in the lobby.


Investigation Report

By  Pam Barnett

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Date: 3-12-2004
Equipment:  35mm Camera

History of Fischer Theatre

The Grand Opera House was originally built in 1884 by 50 organized individuals (names or connection is unknown) each owning capital stock.  The original lot was bought from R. W. Gillette, but had previously been owned by Dr. W. W. R. Woodbury, a former resident and prominent Danville physician. 

In 1906, the Lyric Theatre opened next door.  In 1907, the Grand Opera House was sold to George W. Chatterton of Springfield, IL.  Mr. Chatterton sold his interest to Louis F. Fischer in 1912 and the theatre was closed for remodeling, structural renovation and enlarging the building.  The Lyric Theatre next door was also remodeled and merged with the "new" Fischer Theater and both re-opened in 1913.   

In 1929, the Fischer Theater was sold to the Publix Great State Theatres and new state-of-the-art renovations were made and motion picture equipment was added.  In 1938 air conditioning was installed.   

The last major refurbishing was done in 1968 by a company in Chicago that painted the interior with a subtle gold design.  In 1971, the Kerasotes Theatres of Springfield, Illinois purchased the Fischer and Palace theatres.  In 1982 the Keresotes Theatres closed the Fischer Theatre, removing the boiler and other contents they could use or sell.  

In 1983 the City of Danville became the owners and formed the Vermilion Heritage Foundation to begin restoration of the building.  In 1997 and due to lack of funding it was announced that the building was unstable and should be destroyed.  The Old Town Preservation Association pleaded to have the building saved. The City of Danville gave the theatre to the Old Town Preservation Association. This group set about having the necessary structural work done to make the building stable. 

In 1998 The Old Town Preservation Organization sold the building to the Vermilion Heritage Foundation and a stars’ benefit was held to raise funds that could be used to start renovation to the lobby area of the theatre.  

Over the years the Grand Opera House was not only a theatre, it housed offices and residences on its 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. In 1915, the Boston Academy of Music and Knecht Apartments were on the 3rd and 4th floors.  The Vermilion Street shops were: Opera House Cloak and Suit Store, Glasgo Tailors, Adolph Alfiere - Convectioners and Miss Myra Wilson (Wilson Co.) Milliners.  In the early 30s, the 3rd and 4th floors were the Portia Club with furnished Rooms for Women. The 2nd and 3rd floors were occupied by a blue print company, May Belle Cook Beauty Shop, Fidelity Insurance and Publix Theatres.  Doctors, dentists, insurance companies and even an U.S.A. Recruiting Service occupied these upper floors until 1961. The Vermilion Street shops have been occupied by candy shops, jewelers, barbers, and optometrist, etc. 

In 1913 the theater was renamed to the Fischer Theater and in 1994 was designated a local landmark by the city of Danville.  In 2002, the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The first motion picture in the country was shown here in 1899.  Today even with the deterioration, the theater retains the 19th century vaudeville and grand opera house grandeur. In 1988 the Vermilion Heritage Foundation and a Board of Directors began a campaign began to raise money to restore the theatre which is currently an ongoing process. For more history please visit  www.fischertheatre.com. 

 The Investigation March 12, 2005

The SGS group arrived at the Theater about 9:30pm for the overnight event.  We gathered for a quick meeting regarding our investigations.  Due to liability, safety, and to avoid possible injuries, the “cat walk” area is off limits, along with the two side balcony area on the 2nd floor, and an area on the 4th floor where the floor is not in the best of shape.   

9:45pm we broke into groups and toured the theater.  Our group began in the auditorium and moved onto the stage, down the back staircase to the basement under the stage, then we toured the 2nd balcony floor, the 3rd floor with a “hole” in the wall where some went through, followed by the 4th floor and the projection room and a return to the lobby.   

10:30pm – we regrouped and members chose where they would like to set up equipment.  Our plan is to have 2-3 sessions lasting about 2 hours each giving all in attendance a chance to investigate as much as possible.   

I partnered with Andrea Etter setting out for the 2nd floor.  The 2nd floor has side balcony’s that are off limits due to structural concerns, but the part of the main floor was very safe.  Andrea began on the right side of the 2nd floor and was using a small camcorder/camera.  I went to the center and the left side and was using a digital camera.  Even though this area was not heated, a bit drafty, you could still feel the presence of someone moving around.  

I could feel a lot of activity on the left side of the 2nd floor balcony near the 3 balcony seating areas that were off limits.  I took several pictures down at the auditorium.  This picture was taken about 10:45pm and has lots of orbs.  There were flood lights strung around the balcony to help light up the area, but they don’t interfer with the pictures taken except around the very edges of the photo.  Orbs are through out this photo. 
This photo was taken about 5 minutes later at 10:50pm and indicates some orbs. But I could see a female figure standing next to Gail in the purple coat on the stage.  Looking towards the stage from the 2nd level, it would have been on the right side of the stage.  This is the area that has 2 large cloudy formations on the right of the picture.  The upper one is where I saw a women standing.  The woman was dressed in darker turn of century clothing, a brunette, and looked like an opera singer. There were floodlights connected around the balcony area.  I do not rule out dust or the reflection from the floodlights.  However, the picture right before and right after were clear and taken minutes apart.
This photo was next about 10:55pm.  You can see a large orb where I saw the woman standing on the right side of the stage. 

This photo was taken about 11:00pm.  I was standing in the center of the 2nd floor balcony when I felt a rush of energy moving past me.  It felt like people moving past me very swiftly and walking to the side balcony and rushing down the corridor. I glanced over and saw a man in a black suit with a tall hat (abe lincoln style) on smiling and waving.  I immediately took this picture.  An orb appears where I saw the figure. 

 I took more pictures looking into the auditorium and got several more orbs.  Due to space, I did not include all photos, but they are available if needed. 
At approximately 11:10pm I had moved closed to the left balcony area.  I felt another surge of energy rush past me and heard a voice say to “hurry up, we don’t want to be late   This photo was taken about this time. 
This photo was taken by Andrea with her camera/camcorder at about 11:30pm.  Andrea then took a small video clip which shows the energy changing colors in this area and validates the energy movement I felt earlier.  In her video clip (which is approximately 3:30 minutes in length) the color changes from a orange to a fuscia to red where it stays for a bit and then turns blue/black.  Andrea also felt an energy around her back while filming the video clip.

The investigation was successful to find energy, movement and there is activity in this building.  I have 200+ pictures.  I am submitting the best of what I have to show activity and peak periods when energy was felt in the theater.  I will archive the photos for future reference if anyone would want to review them 

Jim and I ventured down the back basement where the boiler room is located.  I felt a presence strong old here, and feel this was an underground railroad area for slaves at one time. I took photos and the photos of this back basement area.  On my way home and back in Springfield, I stopped to take a few pictures of the NEW Abe Lincoln Library. Interestingly  enough, the back basement pictures got completely out of sequence on my camera disk when I arrived home to view them and were actually after those take of the new library.

When we first arrived and during the tour time, several of us toured a basement in the front of the theater which is under the concession stand.  This area also had some bad vibes in the front of it, but also left markings of an underground railroad and a partial dirt floor.  This basement actually has an open entry from the concession stand area.  There did not appear to be a wall where this basement and the back basement could have connected.  I did not go into the basement of the orchestra pit area.

I started to depart off of the stage.  I heard a voice say ‘it is not your turn yet”.  I felt a rush of energy as if several individuals were walking down the steps of the stage and I backed up to let them pass.  When I felt ok to walk down the steps, I heard a voice in the 2nd seat of the 2nd row of red seats say….”now it is your turn


Investigation Report

By  Shanna Hull

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Date: 11-27-04
Equipment:  Kodak DC215 Digital Camera


We arrived at the Fischer Theater and unloaded our equipment to set up “base camp” in the lobby. This was my first investigation, and I was very excited to be a part of the team. I just got my camera as a gift from a friend, so I used this time to get more familiar with it and took a few pictures of the statue and organ in the lobby. 


Debbie briefly recapped the previous investigation to get us all up to speed. 


We split up into smaller groups to get a short tour with those who had been part of the last investigation. Amanda, Pam, Andrea, and I went to Ken. We started with the auditorium and the dressing rooms below the stage before going up to the balcony. Andrea and Pam didn’t want to go through “the hole” into the front part of the building (Pam for physical reasons, Andrea because she was very uneasy in and around the area of the hole). They stayed behind while Ken took Amanda and me through the three floors of office/apartment-type rooms. On the fourth floor, we found a red straight-backed chair sitting in one room, and Amanda mentioned that she wanted to set up her audio cassette recorder on the chair later. At this time, Sheryl also brought a group up to the fourth floor, and I overheard her make a joke about a stack of chair at the far left side of the room being “just the sort of thing poltergeists would do.” After rejoining Andrea and Pam, we went up to the projection room, where Andrea especially got some very strong uneasy feelings. 


When we returned to the lobby, the other groups were still looking around, so Andrea, Pam, Amanda, and I headed down to the basement under the lobby and concessions area. The basement was divided into three sections, and we didn’t find anything too unusual. However, while coming back through the middle room, Amanda and I both heard what sounded like a cat hissing from the first room. There was no cat to be found, but it’s possible that we heard something from the lobby. 


We regrouped in the lobby. Debbie explained that she wanted us to set up our equipment for about an hour and a half and asked to know where each of us wanted to go (so that we wouldn’t be stepping on each other’s toes). Amanda and I decided on the fourth floor of the front part of the building so she could set up her tape recorder on the chair we’d seen earlier. 


Amanda set up her recorder on the chair as planned, and we snooped around to see what we could find. I snapped a few pictures with my digital camera, most of which turned up nothing unusual. The shower and bathtub in the back rooms caught my attention more than once, and I took some pictures. 


Remembering Sheryl’s joke about the stack of chairs being the work of poltergeists, I took multiple pictures that may be globals. I also took a picture over the stairwell leading down to the third floor and caught an extremely bright global. I took another, identical picture immediately afterward, but the ball was gone. Amanda and I investigated for objects that might’ve caused reflections but found none. 


I began to feel uneasy, and the temperature seemed to drop farther still, although we had no thermal monitor to confirm this. I took a few more pictures (which turned up nothing). We left the audio recorder and went back to the lobby. 


Amanda realized that the tape in her recorder only had 30 minutes to a side, so we went back upstairs to flip it over. We found the recorder on voice-activated, however, so the tape had not yet run out. We turned it to regular record. I took pictures on the fourth, third, and second floors but caught nothing remarkable. 


Amanda and I went upstairs to retrieve her recorder. I took a few more pictures on the fourth floor but got nothing. Standing on the landing between the fourth and third floor, I asked Amanda (who was at the top of the stairs above me) if she wanted to look around anymore before we went back down. She said no, so I said, “Okay, let’s go.” I turned to go, but she sucked in a sharp breath, and when I turned around, she was leaning against the wall, eyes wide and very pale. When I asked what was wrong, she said that something whispered, “Where?” and brushed against her cheek. She was very shaken for a long time afterward. Unfortunately, she had already turned off her recorder. I took some more pictures but got nothing—not even dust. She turned the recorder back on and left it on the landing. 


I went with Amanda to retrieve the recorder, and then we investigated the dressing rooms under the stage and took pictures. We checked out both balconies and took lots of pictures, all of which turned out to be nothing. We attempted to climb the stairs to the projection room but stopped when I got a heavy, sick feeling 2/3 the way up. I told Amanda I didn’t want to go up any further, so we turned around, and the feeling went away as soon as I was off the stairs. We returned to the lobby, and I caught up on notes before lying down for a nap. 


Amanda and I left the Fischer Theater and headed back to Springfield.


Investigation Report

By  Cindy Willoughby

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Date: 11-27-04
Equipment:  35mm Camera

We arrived at the Fischer Theater in Danville IL on March 12th about 9:45pm. 

It is a very majestic theater that was built in 1884. It was originally an opera house then an early 20th century vaudeville house. Then in 1899 it showed the very first motion picture for Vermilion County. 

It is in a major state of disrepair while they are working on restoring this vital piece of history. The lobby, concession area has been redone and looks wonderful. 

I paired up with Roberta, Gayle and Barb to do our investigating. While on the stage I would get a feeling of being watched. The main seating area I got orbs over the seats towards the back where it was dark (I was by the stage) and they stayed there for a couple pics taken consectively. So I don't believe they were dust since dust would have been in motion. A couple of them were pretty good size and very dense. 

I also got an orb in the seating while Roberta was sitting in the front row. She said she had felt a cold chill and I got the orb right after that sitting 3 seats down from her. I got a BIG orb up in the balcony area by the railing and 4 side by side on the main stage area. When we were upstairs in the area where we had to go through the hole in the wall I had an uneasy feeling. Also in the projection room. 

I didn't get any EVP at all. My 35mm photos are still to be developed. 

Cindy Willoughby



Investigation Report

By  Lou Kutzler

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Date: 3-14-05
Equipment:  Sony night shot high-8 camcorder, model TRV-67, an HP 735 digital camera, several 35mm film cameras, a Sony B2 digital voice recorder, & several stream light ultra-stinger rechargeable high intensity, full color bulb flashlights.  

On March 12, 2005 at approximately 9:30 p.m., myself, Adriene Kutzler, & Aaron Smith arrived at the Fischer Theatre in Danville, IL.  The night air was cold & crisp, approximately 25 degrees Fahrenheit; The sky was clear with stars visible.  The purpose of this visit was to conduct an entity phenomenon investigation with fellow ghost hunters from the Springfield Ghost Society. 

This investigation commenced at approximately 10:30 p.m. with a complete group walk through of the theater.  An ongoing video tape was made during this walk through for later phenomenon review. 

After this walk through was completed, a group meeting was held and surveillance locations were assigned.  These assignments were made based upon best video & audio vantage points as well as individual members input concerning their personal sensory precursors for possible entity activity. 

At approximately 11:30 p.m. Adriene, Aaron, & myself set at the location under the stage area.  This included the actors dressing rooms &  adjoining furnace room areas.  The equipment consisted of a Sony night shot high-8 camcorder, model TRV-67, an HP 735 digital camera, several 35mm film cameras, a Sony B2 digital voice recorder, & several stream light ultra-stinger rechargeable high intensity, full color bulb flashlights. 

An immediate area search was conducted with flashlights & no visual or audible phenomenon was noted.  However, several pockets of very cold air were felt during this examination.  Unprotected hands very quickly became cold & achy.  These pockets were not fixed in place & appeared to change locations.  Hands became immediately warm after moving through these pockets into the surrounding air which was heated quite warmly as this area  was near the active furnace room.  Also noted was the fact that Adriene's digital camera battery indicator went from full charge to low battery indication & became temporarily inoperative.  This was near the door opening into the operationing furnace room.  When she moved away from this area, the battery indicator went back to full charge & the camera resumed normal operation. 

After setting up the camcorder & EVP recorder, Adrienne & Aaron initiated their systematic search.  This search consisted of snapping at least 2 film & 2 digital pictures in each room & adjoining areas.  Some pictures were taken with flash only, & others were taken with flash & flashlight. 

The developed pictures indicated the following results:

      Adriene - five digital pictures showing several small bright orbs moving along the hallway &           going up the small stairway to the above stage area.

     Aaron - one 35 mm film picture showing a single baseball size frosty white orb in the old                 furnace room in front of the old ACME (red letters) furnace.  This orb appeared to have several serrated lines through it.  Louis - in process of reviewing all video & audio tapes, will advise. 

At approximately 1:00 a.m. all surveillance was ended.  We removed all equipment, policed the area & joined the others for the group debriefing meeting.  At approximately 3:00 a.m. we departed Danville for Chatham, IL.

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