Marty Culp

Scooters Night Club

1800 S. 6th St

Springfield, IL


January 16, 2010


Investigators: Debbie Lowery, Steve Giddings, Ken Boroweic


Marty purchased a building that use to be the George Ranks Night Club with plans to remodel it and name it Scooters.  Little did she know ghosts came with it. This building is quite old and has been sold many times.  In the past it has been said that the building has been an ice cream parlor, pizza parlor and various other bars with George Ranks Night Club being the latest.  This night club was a “hotspot” in its days.  Although the walls hold many fun and fond memories, there is a lewd mysterious side to it too.  Upon remodeling the building the owners discovered a safe that was hidden in an inaccessible spot.  It was very old and buried in concrete with the access on the top.  The owners don’t know how long this safe has been there.  It’s possible it’s been there a very, very long time.  Something else that was discovered was what appeared to be a peep hole into the woman’s bathroom in the basement.  Where the person would have stood to “peep” was hidden from view to the rest of the basement.  Could that perverted spirit still be hanging around hoping to catch another glance unknowingly?  The owner has corrected this issue after finding it just by chance so maybe that has made that spirit restless.  Years ago the dishes use to be washed in the basement.  A dumbwaiter was used to haul the dishes up to the kitchen on the main floor and back down again.  It has been reported that late at night when it’s quiet the sound of the dumbwaiter going up and down has been heard.  An uncomfortable feeling is felt in this area.  Could this be residual where the soul is stuck here in the basement washing the dishes over and over?  One other thing I will mention is that legend has it that a woman shot her son at the foot of the steps in the basement.  Know one knows what the circumstances were but a lot of shuffling is heard in this area.


Strange things have happened during the remodeling stage not only to Marty but also to people who have been working to get it ready.  Four men were working in the basement on day.  They had stopped to discuss where to go for lunch when all of a sudden a light bulb exploded, then another, and another, and another.  These light bulbs were all on different wiring circuits.  The men stared at each other and then all of them ran up the stairs.  When the owner questioned them on what was wrong they told her about the light bulbs exploding and expressed the fact they didn’t want to go back down there.  The owner said she doesn’t like it in the basement.  She has had a couple of experiences while in the ladies bathroom.  One time she was using the bathroom when she realized she could not see clearly.  There seemed to be a film or fog in front of her face.  She really didn’t think much about it except it was odd.  This hasn’t happened to her again.  Another time, again in the bathroom she heard a man’s voice say, “Get Out”.  She said it wasn’t menacing but you could tell he meant it so she left.  Marty and her husband where upstairs one day when they heard a loud noise downstairs.  They had placed a plastic ashtray on a shelf down by the bathrooms and it sounded like it had fallen to the floor.  They went down to the basement to investigate and noticed the ashtray was still in its place.  What was strange was finger prints in the dust like someone had put the ashtray back on the shelf.  They did not notice if these finger prints had been there previously so they shrugged it off  but are still wondering if the prints were made by an unseen hand.


Our investigation began around 9:00pm after a tour of the place.  There were people in the building on the main floor all evening which made it very noisy and not the ideal situation to do an investigation but we wanted to see if anything would happen. 


One thing we did notice was that there were high EMF readings in the basement.  The wiring and the iron pipe emitted very high readings which could lead to the feeling of being watched and being uncomfortable.


Our investigation ended around 10:30pm.  During that time we all experienced hearing voices right next to us.  They were not coming from upstairs.  Ken felt a cobweb on his arms even though there was no cobweb.  I saw a tall dark figure standing right next to Ken.  This figure’s head almost hit the beams above.  It was very dark with no features and was there for just a split second.  I was standing in the hall in front of the ladies bathroom and a female voice said, “How are you”?   I heard this at the time it was said.  I didn’t pick it up on my recorders.  Several cold spots were noticed.  One odd thing that happened was three times when asking questions to prompt evp activity the toilet upstairs flushed.  This happened within a 30 minute time period.  When talking to Marty later I found out there is no bathroom upstairs.  We are hoping to check this out when we go back for the reveal.


Our findings:


Area looks a little foggy but it could be a reflection from the wall on the right.



I found several evps on my audio recorder.


How large?

It’s her birthday





on the sound of toliet flushing upstairs.  We discovered when the downstairs toliet flushes it makes the sump pumps pipes make the sound like a toliet is being flushed.


After the reveal Marty called me to say she didn't think about this when we did the reveal but their walk-in cooler broke and they had icicles in it.  They got it repaired, turning it on a few days before we came for the reveal.  After we left from the reveal Marty's husband came up to her and told her they had icicles in the cooler again.  Marty said it's been quite the talk in the last couple of weeks.  Could it be that the spirit was telling us they knew about the icicles...


We are going to plan another date when the building is completely empty to setup our equipment.


Debbie Lowery/Founder


Steve's Report