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Another Roommate


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One night, after I had long been asleep, my roommate opened my bedroom door and asked me what I wanted. I asked what he was talking about and he replied that I was just in his bedroom.

By this time, I am completely awake and totally questioning his sanity when he tells me that he was just about to fall asleep when he heard his bedroom door open and close. He opened his eyes to see a woman standing by the end of his bed and when he asked "Misty what do you want?".

She crouched down as if to hide from him. When he looked at the end of the bed nothing was there. Upon discovering that it was not me, he wouldn't sleep in his own bed.

A week afterwards, I convinced him that his room was safe to sleep in and that I would sleep in there with him just to prove it. That night as I began to drift off to sleep I heard a man and woman talking to one another. I assumed it was my neighbors upstairs talking loudly until I felt something crawl onto the bed. The next thing that I felt was an incredible pressure over my body, like someone lying on top of me. I opened my eyes and a woman in a white dress was on me with her hands around my throat. When I looked at her I had a sensation of wind rushing past me, like when you stick your head out of the window of a moving car. I turned my head to get my roommate's attention and a man was standing on the side of the bed. Before I could do a thing, the experience was over.