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Black Presence


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Tammy & Family

Well, we started having problems (minor) in our house a few months ago. My son, hubby and I started hearing someone knocking late at night after we were all in bed. It sounds far away. Like in the kitchen/living room area. Now, I know, I'm not crazy because I'm not the only one hearing it. My oldest son has NOT heard it, but he's not home much either. I get up without the lights on and go through the house in the dark and check all doors and windows. NOTHING!

We just got a dog in April. When I'm the only one in the house usually around 10:30 pm or so, I'm in the bedroom with her and she will jump off the bed and run into the dark hallway and start barking and growling at nothing. She won't attempt to go around the corner. She backs up toward the bedroom and continues to growl. THAT'S what has me freaked out as far as what's going on in the house. I'm almost sure she sees a spirit or something.

So, last Saturday my friend, I and our hubby's decided to hold a Seance in the garage. We videotaped it. When I turned the camera on it was in focus until a couple minutes after I sat down then it went blurry through the whole session up until the last couple minutes and then it cam back in focus again. When we viewed the tape, toward the end my friend asked my hubby to back it up and behind me (naturally) you can see a black triangular shape rising. It's very creepy. It scared me to death (pardon the pun) because we can't figure out what that could be. Hopefully not the Grim Reaper. Seriously, if you can help me figure out what could be going on, I'd be ever so greatful.

Tammy & Family