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End of the Day


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It seemed like a long day at work and I was eager for quitting time to come. When the time finally came, I cleaned off my desk and headed out the door. I have a double door then a long hallway and then another set of double doors to walk through before I enter the parking garage. I was preoccupied trying to plan my evening when I walked through the first set of double doors. I didn't notice the person walking behind me until I got about one quarter of the way down the hallway. I remember thinking to myself I must have let the door go in their face because they were right behind me. The person sounded like they might have had breathing problems because their breathing was loud and labored.

I was amazed they were keeping up with me since I was walking at a pretty fast pace. I came to the second set of double doors, only this time I held the door open so they could come through with me. I turned around to let them know I had acknowledged them when a strange thing occured. There was no one there. A strange feeling filled the air only momentarily. The heat from the parking garage grabbed my attention and the strangeness was gone. Was this my imagination or was someone hoping to escape their eternal home?