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Evil Growl


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My name is Paul.

About 2 years ago I lived with my cousin in a house that's been in the family forever on Magnolia drive near Mario's Pizza. The house has had a history of strange things happening, things disappearing and strange noises, but one instance that stands out in my mind is when I was home alone after work and just sitting in the front room watching TV...

From out of the hallway right next to where I was sitting I heard the most evil and viscous sounding growl I've ever heard in my life. We did have 2 dogs at the time, so I called their names. After a few seconds they both came out of a room that wasn't anywhere near the hall. I've heard them out for blood before and it wasn't anything compared to the growl I heard that night, but that's not even really the kicker...

The kitchen which the hallway leads into was being re-modeled at the time. So all of the pots, pans and what not were all stacked in a spare room which the hallway also leads to. But 2 or 3 minutes after I heard the growl I heard a sound like someone took a pot and banged on it with a spoon 3 or 4 times...

Needless to say, after I put on some clean shorts, I turned on every light in the house and cowered in fear until my cousin got home. I've got a few other things that have happened to me if you'd like to hear them.