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During a recent conversation with my boyfriend (aka: Larry), he told me about his Grandfather's death. His Grandfather lived in Hannibal, MO at the time of his death, and Larry lived in Springfield, IL. Larry was very close to his Grandfather, and within an hour or so of his death, he appeared at the foot of Larry's bed, then he vanished. Larry said he didn't know what woke him up, but he woke up in the middle of the night, & looked down towards the foot of his bed, to see his Grandfather standing there. He said it was if he was telling him "See ya later." He didn't know until several hours later that his Grandfather had died during the night! (I'm not sure if it was expected, or if it was a sudden death?) Larry said he told his Dad about it later that day, and his Dad told him he must have dreamed it. But Larry insists to this day that he was awake, and not dreaming.