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November 12, 2001

Alright, I don't know a lot of info about who a few people think the ghost is, just that her daughter and son-in-law owned a restaurant about 8 or 9 years ago. Betty XXXXXX died of natural causes, as far as I know. She didn't get paid for what she did around the restaurant. She just liked to lend a hand washing glasses, helping the cooks and that. She was there a lot, says the ex-head chef of 15 years.

I worked there for almost 4 years and I'd seen things and heard things before. Such as one instance where I was straightening out tables in the non-smoking section, which has a little hallway that leads past it into another dinning room. We weren't open yet, so I was rather curious when I saw an old woman breeze right past me out of the corner of my eye. She was heading towards the 2nd dining room. I finished what I was doing and walked back there to find nothing. I was startled, so I went to the kitchen and asked the only other employee there if they'd let anyone inside the building, to which he replied "no". I told him I'd just seen someone walk through the hallway and he insisted that he hadn't let anyone inside. I told him what she looked like and he turned a shade of white and told me he's seen her before, too, but he didn't want to say anything out of fear of ridicule. He worked there for many years while the XXXXXX's owned it and said the ghost he'd seen looked just like Betty XXXXXX, the ex-owner's mother.

I've seen and heard things a few different times. But the one time I had physical contact with it, was one late afternoon about 2 hours before we opened. Once again it was just me and the chef there at the moment. I was in a hurry to try and get my setup work done. I was down in the basement inside the walk in cooler, grabbing a few boxes of lettuce, when I felt someone pat me on the back. I spun around and there was nobody there. I dropped the boxes and hauled ass, like I stole something, up the stairs and into the kitchen where the chef was busy working. I asked if he was just down in the basement and he gave me a look like I was stupid and said "no" and asked me why.

He knew Betty and when I told him someone patted me on the back he told me that Betty was known for patting employees on the back when they were working hard. I never felt the same in that basement after that. Even before that instance I had heard the sound of a woman coughing down there while I was getting supplies. It came from an old storage room that wasn't in use anymore. Any employee who has ever been down in that basement will tell you that place is down right creepy. There is always this sense that someone else is in the room. It gets stronger the closer to that old storage room you get.

Not to mention the several accounts of glasses sitting on perfectly flat surfaces, just crashing to the ground for no reason. It's been witnessed by regulars and employees.