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Peoria IL Haunting


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Paul Roberts

I lived in a house in Peoria Heights for a couple of years in the 80's. The house was on a steep hill, almost a bluff, overlooking the Illinois River. There were many strange things that happened in and around that house.

Soon after I'd moved to the house with a roommate, I heard someone open the front door, enter, close the door, and walk around. I was upstairs, and assumed my roommate had come home. I went down to see if he wanted to go get a beer. There was no one in the house. This happened again a couple of days later. I was freaked out, but didn't say anything because I was afraid people would think I was nuts. One morning my roommate sheepishly told me that when he was home alone the night before, he heard someone come in the front door and walk around. He assumed I was coming home, and came downstairs to talk to me. There was no one there. He was afraid I'd think he was nuts.

The footsteps and noises were so frequent we got used to them and didn't notice them anymore. Eventually another roommate moved in and commented about all the weird noises. Over a couple years several people stayed at the house for varying lengths of time, and every one of them experienced some sort of creepy event.

The activity seemed aggressive when we first moved in. Lots of footstep type noises, water running, and lights turning on and off.

I came home one night and my roommate was sickly pale, mopping up in the rec room. He'd heard a loud crash, ran in and the aquarium was on the other side of the room, smashed to pieces.

A car burned in the driveway and nobody noticed until the owner came out to go to work in the morning and found a pile of ashes.

On one occasion I heard someone knocking on the door, went to answer it, and saw a roommate who had just come home behind his new 280Z trying to keep it from rolling off the cliff. I ran out and was barely able to help him stop it so he could reach in and set the brake. He'd gotten out, the thing started rolling, he ran back to try to stop it, and yelled "HELP!" When he yelled for help I was already at his side. He said it was a good thing I happened to be outside; otherwise he'd have lost the car. I asked him if he'd thrown anything at the door because I heard someone knock, and he said the only move he'd made was to yell for help once. My other roommate had been sitting on the couch and hadn't heard a thing.

A monopoly board appeared on the basement floor. We assumed it belonged to one roommate's kids who visited once in a while. It was there for a couple of months, apparently being played. Nothing unusual. Until the roommate with kids asked whose Monopoly board was sitting in the basement. We all got "that look" on our faces, and went down to investigate. It was gone.

One night I was alone, watching TV. Noises, water running, etc., a normal night. But all of a sudden everything intensified, and the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I felt a presence. I fled, shirtless and shoeless. I stayed at a friend's house that night, and returned in the morning. Door was wide open, TV was on, you could tell I ran out of that damn house without even stopping to close the door. I moved away soon after that.

I haven't had any such strange experiences since moving to Minnesota 25 years ago. Lots of weird stuff in Central Illinois though.