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The Little Girl


Submitted By:

Debra, AGS Member, Christian County

May 19th, 1998

1:45 PM

My day off, I was sleeping in late. I heard sirens coming close to where I live. I looked out of my bedroom window and saw a rescue squad vehicle and an ambulance. I stepped out my front door to see who it was. They were at a neighbor's house. I looked around and saw no one else in their yard. I must have been the only neighbor home.

Everyone involved was on the front porch of my neighbor's house. Three EMTs were working on my neighbor. One EMT was on each side of her on the gurney, and the other EMT was at her head. Her daughter was standing in the doorway of the house watching and crying.

What really caught my attention was a little girl clinging to my neighbor's arm. She looked to be about three to four years old. She had beautiful below shoulder length platinum blonde hair with either small bows or barrettes pulling the hair back on each side of her face. Her dress was a pretty light blue with puffed short sleeves, a high waistline with ties in back, and a full gathered skirt about knee length.

I could not figure out why the EMTs or my neighbor's daughter allowed her to be there that close. It was obvious that this was a highly emotional moment. Wasn't she in the way? The little girl, in turn, looked intently at each person's face there. Then she turned and looked at me. Her eyes were so piercing.

The EMTs started to raise my neighbor off the gurney and pulled mats out from underneath her. This action distracted me from the little girl. I lost track of her. They lifted my neighbor off the gurney and laid her on the mats on the porch. The neighbor's daughter went hysterical and ran to her vehicle and drove off. Where was the little girl? Why didn't she take the little girl with her? All who were left on the porch were my neighbor and the three EMTs.

It finally hit me after the daughter took off that my neighbor had passed away. I ran back in the house. It upset me very much because I have not seen anyone pass on before and that moment was a very personal and private time for the family to experience. I felt like I had intruded on that moment.

I was also shaken up by the disappearance of the little girl. Who was she? The neighbor's daughter did not have any little girls. She has one son. He is in high school. Was she a family member who came to escort my neighbor beyond? That is a question I will have to ask the family after a while.

Debra, AGS Member, Christian County